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12 Questions You SHOULDN’T Ask On A First Date

Oh no you didn't. Watch what happens when awkward dates happen (clothes optional) on Dating Naked, premiering July 17 on VH1.

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1. "You remind me so much of my mom! What's your last name again?"

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2. "Just between us — are they real?"

3. "How much money do you make?"

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4. "Does the carpet match the drapes? ;)"

5. "Do you even know how bad gluten is for you?"

6. "Did you know the pyramids were constructed by ancient aliens?"

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7. "Have you ever thought about killing someone?"

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8. "What's your ~*~number~*~?"

9. "Do you think we can get a discount here if we pretend it's your birthday?"

10. "Are you gonna eat that?"

11. "Would you take a look at this weird rash I have?"

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12. "Would you rather date a centaur or a satyr?"

Oof. See what happens when dates get even more awkward on Dating Naked, premiering Thurs., July 17 at 9/8c on VH1.