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13 Phrases From The '90s We Want To Reincorporate Into Our Vocab

Boo-yah. VH1's Hindsight reminds us of all the cringeworthy and tubular moments the '90s brought upon us. WEDNESDAYS + 10/9c on VH1.

1. When someone said a bad joke:

2. When you were complimenting someone on their neat outfit:

3. When you wanted someone to stop making fun of your new shirt:

4. When the cops thought they could try to break up your house party:

5. When someone said something they didn't actually mean:

6. When someone expressed extreme love for something:

7. When your mom nagged you for not cleaning up your room:

8. When you couldn't be bothered with your frenemy being rude to you:

9. When someone told you a secret you'd already known for weeks:

10. When you complimented your friend for making the cheer squad:

11. When you found out there was going to be early release on Friday:

12. When your sister gave you a low blow for no reason:

13. And when you said goodbye to your friends:

Check out the nifty new show #Hindsight, WEDNESDAYS + 10/9c on VH1.