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11 Sexy Dance Attempts Gone Wrong

Here are 11 arguments that sexy sexy dancing should be left to the professionals. And those professionals, in case you're wondering, can be seen on VH1's Hit the Floor, airing Mondays, 9/8C, on VH1.

1. Sometimes "sexytime" SHOULD be kept out of the bedroom.

2. Sexy moonwalking should never involve a helmet.

3. These two elegantly redefine "bump and grind."[term]=funny%20bye&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=0

4. When being sexy always

5. "I whip my hair back and forth... and then I call an ambulance."

6. The lesson here? Never try to be sexy in a moving vehicle. It's not gonna end well.

7. Sometimes food can be sexy....but NOT when your dancing on it.

8. Anytime someone gets hit by a car their sex appeal goes down a few notches.

9. Make sure you have a sturdy dance party before getting buck wild.

10. Let's just hope this stripper is also paying her way through medical school.

11. When impressing people with your sexy moves at a pool party, try and stay above water.