10 Things Guys Do Wrong That They Think Is Flirting

Note to self: Don’t be that guy. First dates are tough — watch what happens when couples go on a first date in the buff on Dating Naked, premiering July 17, 2014 on VH1.

1. Ordering for both guests without discussing it first…

Abel Mitja Varela / Via Getty Images

2. …while acting like an impossible tyrant about it.

Cultura RM / Judith Haeusler / Via Getty Images

3. Talking a little too much about themselves.

Maskot / Via Getty Images

4. Complaining about work nonstop.


5. Being a know-it-all.


6. Any and all name dropping

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7. Rudely interrupting to refocus the conversation.


8. Discussing previous dates.

Rebbeck_Images / Via Thinkstock

9. Disagreeing as a means of flirting.


10. And getting totally sauced.

Ljupco / Via Thinkstock

Catch Dating Naked, premiering Thurs July 17 at 9/8c on VH1 for more SMH-worthy dating moments.

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