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10 Ways To Spoil Your Bestie Even If You Forgot Galentine's Day

Every day should be Galentine's Day, tbh.

1. Treat them to an aura reading.


Getting in tune with your true emotional states together is quite the bonding activity. And aura photos are some pretty awesome fridge/Instagram bling so, double win.

2. Cook them a homemade brunch.


Going out to brunch is a racket. $17 for an omelette? Come on. You can make a feast at home for that same amount AND eat on the couch in your PJs.

3. Make a playlist that defines all the years of your friendship.


Cue a LOT of laugh-crying emojis as they groove their way down memory lane.

4. Have a self-care date.


Hit the spa or salon or DIY it at home. You BOTH deserve it.

5. Or have a fresh air date.


A hike, a bike ride, even just a stroll around town combined with a catch-up sesh and some vitamin D is just plain old good for the soul, people.

6. Try a new craft together.


I highly recommend cross-stitch: cheap, satisfying, and oh-so Instagram-friendly. Cozy up with plenty of tea and snacks, and you won't want your crafty QT to end.

7. Write them a handwritten note. Seriously.


I know I sound like your mom, but the benefits of this small, thoughtful gesture for them, for you, and for your friendship are legit and real.

8. One word: succulents.


So low-maintenance and they make any space look classy. Best lil' gift ever.

9. Spend a day pinging their work email with photos of various cute baby animals.


Actually you could probably just stick entirely to baby seals. LOOK AT THAT FURBALL FACE!

10. And finally...if you're running low on time, funds, or creativity (or your bestie is a long-distance bestie), a good old-fashioned phone chat might be just what the doctor ordered.



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