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10 Everyday Photos That Are Totally Cringeworthy For Migraine Sufferers

The struggle on a migraine day is very, very real.

Nothing beats a gorgeous, sunny day — unlessss you have a migraine. And no, sunglasses don't help.

Giving a big work presentation is crazy anxiety-producing on its own. Having a migraine come on before or while you're in front of the room? Legit wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.

Blasting music? No, thanks. Flashing lights? Double nope. A sweaty, swarming crowd and no personal space? I don't care how expensive the tickets were — I need to get out of here STAT.

Exercise can help with certain types of pain. Migraine pain is NOT one of them. Any type of movement is tough — vigorous movement is a rock-hard N-O-P-E.

Commuting without a migraine: annoying. Commuting with a migraine: What did I ever do to deserve this level of torture?!?! 😱

I love my smartphone. Working on a laptop pays my bills. On a migraine day, I truly wish no form of bright screen had ever been invented!

To you, this pool might look nice and cool and refreshing. I, on the other hand, am getting a migraine just thinking about the vicious, vicious smell of that chlorine.

Speaking of smells, whatever is in these pots is probably delicious, but I don't want to catch the slightest whiff of it if I have a migraine. 🤢

Nothing like getting a migraine on the plane to damper the excitement of going on a trip. If you're flying for work, then just UGH x 1 million.

A simple errand like running to the grocery store for milk should not feel like a daunting task. But when you have a migraine, it most definitely is. And so is every single other little thing you must accomplish before you can finally retreat to a dark room and fall asleep. And that, my people, is called living with migraines.

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