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17 Gifts That Say "I Love You Just For Being You"

Let the people in your life know that you cherish their interests (and endearing quirks)!

1. A tote bag for the person whose dog is their source of inspo in life.

2. Some ceramic cat measuring cups that'll help the very proud kitty-loving human in your life bake up a storm.

3. A gorgeous agate serving board your fanciest friend who eats cheese for every meal will adore.

4. A necklace to gift that someone you're pretty sure has coffee coursing through their veins instead of blood.

5. A rechargeable handwarmer, because everyone has that one friend who is always freezing cold.

6. A slush and shake maker to satisfy the person who is always sweating and also likes beverages.

7. A hooded pillowcase to help your friend whose favorite hobby is sleeping become even better at it.

8. A pair of buoyant sunglasses that'll make the forever beach bum who perpetually loses things in the ocean rejoice.

9. An inflatable lounger perfect for the person who considers themselves "outdoorsy," but mostly just likes to bask in the sun.

10. A diary to help the big-time sports fan in your life preserve their gametime memories.

11. A mini desk light that'll give anyone who loves both sushi and tiny things all the feels.

12. A blunt mug for the proudest introvert you know.

13. Peel and stick wallpaper to inspire the most low-maintenance of home decorators.

14. A medal hanger to award your BFF with — AKA the runner who has a race pretty much every weekend.

15. A shower curtain that is 100% on-brand for your favorite plant parent.

16. A foot massager that is equally on-brand for your favorite ACTUAL parent.

17. And a mini bluetooth speaker to give someone the gift of being able to dance wherever they go.