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    Well, Of Course Morrissey Is Actually Just Charlie Brown

    And the perfect Tumblr This Charming Charlie has all the proof you need.

    As both Charlie and Moz know, sometimes all your decisions feel like this.

    This Charming Charlie / Via

    From "You've Got Everything Now."

    Aw, Lucyyyyyy.

    This Charming Charlie / Via

    We all feel like "Half a Person" sometimes, darling.

    And of COURSE Schroeder wants to hang the DJ.


    Plucked from the lyrics of "Panic."

    Marcie and Morrissey are indistinguishable in name and in unrequited love.

    This Charming Charlie / Via

    "Reel Around the Fountain" knows all about it, too.

    And this is a pretty spot-on usage of the lyrics from "Shiela, Take a Bow."

    This Charming Charlie / Via

    A central message of all Smiths records AND Peanuts comics: Life can be so terribly unfair sometimes.

    But it's truly Charlie Brown who gets exactly what Morrissey's feeling.

    This Charming Charlie / Via

    "How can someone so young sing words so sad?"

    Let's face it: Charlie Brown could step in as the frontman of the Smiths with ease.

    This Charming Charlie / Via

    "Asleep," Schultz-style.