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    This Music Video Takes Twerking To A Whole New Level

    And it's glorious. Nicky Da B's clip for "Go Loko" features more butts than you've ever seen in one place, and that's a very good thing.

    Meet Nicky Da B.

    Like many others in the New Orleans bounce scene, Nicky Da B is a great appreciator of the gluteus maximus.

    This video invites you to drown in a sea of butts — male and female — while enjoying the balls-out vocal stylings of a rapper who, unlike Lady Gaga, isn't going to "follow you until you love me," but instead "until you fuck me." This lyrical update to "Paparazzi" is reflective of Nicky Da B's whole style in "Go Loko" — he's elevating the idea of a dance party track to a fabulously extreme (and sexxxy) level.

    And who can argue with his ideology when it's mostly based around a) going hard, b) amazing '90s backing beats and c) beautiful backsides?