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The Essential Lazy Beauty Routine For People With No Time

Mornings are the worst. With these simple nighttime tricks, you'll wake up looking gorgeous — and be able to get ready in just a few minutes.

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2. If you have dry skin, put on a face mask for intense overnight hydration.


You'll wake up looking dewy as fuck. (Makeup applies more smoothly when your skin is well moisturized.) Dr. Jart+ makes this overnight mask, but you can find plenty more at drugstores and higher-end makeup counters.


4. DIY an overnight hair mask.

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After showering in the morning, you'll have shiny, conditioned, easier-to-style hair. Comb your mask through your hair, put it in a bun, and pop a shower cap on. DONE. Your hair is going to look so sick when you wake up, and basically all you have to do is sleep. Amazing.

5. Or style your hair the night before.


You know how when you try to sleep on a blowout, you wake up with it looking annoyingly flat and rumpled at the same time? This tactic will help you get loose, frizz-free waves while you snooze.

6. You can also easily curl your hair overnight without an iron.

Bobby pins are all you need to make this happen, so this one's perfect for people who are too tired or busy to mess around with heat tools (so: just about everyone on Earth). You could also just leave the buns in and do a weird '90s Gwen Stefani thing?

7. Use a pumice stone on your soles before slathering on lotion, then cover with socks.


So maybe your last pedicure was sometime in 2009. No judgement here–who has the time? Instead of going to a salon, you can do these easy steps to make your feet look beautiful while you snore. Congratulations, you can now wear sandals again!

9. And if you really want to take your nighttime routine to the next level, put on your make up before bed.


If you wear most make up to bed, it'll clog your skin, but this tinted powder treatment claims to reduce pore size if it's used regularly during sleep. WHAT? A selection from the overwhelmingly positive comments on Sephora: "I never review products, but this one deserves a review! I'm a HUGE fan of the fact that this product DOES NOT rub off onto clothing, bedding, etc. You can put it on the night before after showering and wake up halfway done with your makeup!" Cosmetics that work as you sleep? WELCOME TO THE FUTURE. Now go get some rest.