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    The 6 Most Glorious Lip Syncs On "RuPaul's Drag Race" Ever

    These jaw-dropping performances will take you to church and BACK, hunty.

    1. Jinkx Monsoon vs. Detox: Yma Sumac, “Malambo No. 1”

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    Want to see a queen channel the absolute perfect character to correspond with a song and nail every word and move as she does it? Jinkx gives absolutely everything she's got in this video, and it's a fucking delight to behold. Her grinding and lip-curling is hilariously on-point, but her serious dancing chops are what elevate this into legendary territory.

    2. DiDa Ritz vs. The Princess: Natalie Cole, "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)"

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    DiDa's energy levels here make the rest of us look like slugs on drugs. Her performance is especially amazing when one considers that she's doing it in front of Ms. Natalie Cole herself.

    3. Raja vs. Carmen Carrera: Paula Abdul, "Straight Up"

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    When two queens decide to interpret "lip-synch for your life" as "get naked and practically kai kai on stage," everyone wins. Well, except Carmen, who was eliminated, but you get the gist.

    4. Latrice Royale vs. Kenya Michaels: Aretha Franklin, "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman"

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    This is an amazing lip sync for twofold reasons: The rapture of watching Latrice emotionally dominate the stage, staying firmly planted in one spot all the while, paired with the cringe-y hilarity of Kenya's "wind up doll on stimulants" ballet. A+

    5. Manila Luzon vs. Delta Work: Donna Summer, "MacArthur Park"

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    Manila Luzon is riveting in her utter batshit-craziness here. She's giving us restraining-order realness in a Big Bird costume, and it makes for one of the most dynamic drag performances the RPDR main stage has ever seen.

    6. Latrice Royale vs. DiDa Ritz: Gladys Knight, "I've Got To Use My Imagination"

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    Oh, what's this, two of the best performers in the history of the show going up against each other? It only makes the best lip sync OF ALL TIME. In the end, it's Latrice who takes us to church, but DiDa's ferocious dance moves made this one a close call.