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    The 6 Craziest Recordings From The Replacements Archives

    A website called Color Me Impressed is collecting bootlegs of their live shows, and they're brilliant, hilarious, and messy as hell.

    The Replacements were legendarily one of the most outrageous and shambling live bands ever. This is because of unhinged performances on stages both small and enormous — like, they're one of the only musical guests to ever be banned from Saturday Night Live as the result of an appearance where they switched clothes in the middle of the show, got stupendously wasted, and swore pretty much nonstop at the audience during their performance, which was far better behavior than usual for the band. If that's The Replacements' version of cleaning up for TV, you can only imagine just how insane these bootleg recordings of live performances in punk clubs, collected by the site Color Me Impressed, are. What follows is a fascinating collection of performances by a band that was just as often trashed as it was talented, and it makes for crucial listening for anyone who loves uncompromising, brilliant punk.

    1. Their performance from the same month as the release of Tim, their best album

    2. A very Replacements Valentine's Day

    3. The resurfacing of The Shit Hits The Fans

    4. The only Paul Westerberg solo show from his time in The Replacements

    5. The Replacements take on Prince, the Sex Pistols, and Iggy and the Stooges

    6. The earliest bootleg in recorded Mats history

    h/t Color Me Impressed