Songs That Sound Way Better When It’s Hot Outside

Make sure you’re hydrated, because you’re about to dance out roughly 63% of the water in your body.

1. Guess what time it is? SUMMER O’CLOCK, and you didn’t come here to mess around.

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Dan Deacon, “We Can’t Stop 50% Reduction (Straight Chop Remix)”

2. So pop a bottle of something ice cold.

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Icona Pop, “Girlfriend”

3. And get ready to shake exactly all of what you’ve got.

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L’Trimm, “Cars That Go Boom”

4. Get ready to bust a move as only you know how.

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MC Luscious, “Boom I Got Your Boyfriend”

5. And get thee to a body of water as fast as you possibly can.

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The Undertones, “Teenage Kicks”

6. Just hit play and get ready to have the hottest summer of all time.

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Queen, “Don’t Stop Me Now”

7. Get ready to sweat on Spotify.

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