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    Pope Benedict XVI Had An Official MySpace Playlist And It Was Totally Dope

    Tupac and Fleet Foxes are pretty big in Vatican City.

    Way back in 2009, when Pope Benedict XVI was firmly in papal place and MySpace was still a thing, the Vatican released an official playlist representing the Catholic church. In between recordings of His Holiness and selections from Mozart, the Vatican got super weird, track-wise.

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    At the time, the Vatican explained its decision to include songs like Tupac's "Changes" thusly: "The genres are very different from each other, but all these artists share the aim to reach the heart of good minded people." So, basically, #thuglife.

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    "He Doesn't Know Why" by Fleet Foxes adds a certain "college sophomore dorm room" feel to the playlist. Way chill, Pope-bro!

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    Muse's "Uprising" was also on there, which is strange considering that it's a totally sexy electronic track. Yow.

    In short, why listen to pop music when you can jam out to POPE MUSIC!?!?! (OOF HAHAHA SORRYYYY I'M RESIGNING TOO AFTER THAT C-YA)