How To Have The Best Beauty Swap Ever

    Forget clothing swaps — this new party idea has it all: friends, booze, and makeup galore.

    So, what in the world is a BEAUTY SWAP?

    1. First, pick a friend to co-host your swap.

    2. Set up a place where people can sanitize slightly used products.

    3. Include cups and spray bottles of rubbing alcohol, plus disposable cotton balls or pads. Then leave clear instructions about how to use them.

    4. And clearly label these so that people don't accidentally drink them!

    5. Next, make sure you've got the other kind of alcohol for your guests, if you so desire.

    6. Even better than booze? Alcohol-infused snaxx.

    7. Pile your products on a long or wide surface that has enough space for people to crowd around.

    8. Don't bother organizing.

    9. Encourage people to put their stuff down anywhere.

    10. Leave instructions in the middle of the table so people don't keep coming up to you and asking you how it all works.

    11. Then start grabbing.

    12. Don't be shy about testing unsealed nail polish.

    13. Some stuff might be a little weird/funky.

    14. Once pickings start slimming down, force stuff on people.

    15. Now delight in your finds!

    Or not. There are likely to be some misses, but the good things are worth the hassle.

    16. Finally, decide what to do with the leftovers.

    In conclusion, beauty swaps are truly the best.