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    Here's Everything That Happened At Your First Rock Show

    Your mom dropped you off out front, then your life changed forever.

    You spent the whole afternoon fixing your hair and picking out the right jeans...

    ...and brought your best friend, the one other person at school who actually liked the same stuff.

    You were both really stoked! Everyone else there seemed impossibly cool and over it, so you tried to pretend it was no big deal, too.

    But on the inside, YOU WERE FLIPPING OUT WITH HAPPINESS. You even saw a girl wearing a shirt of your favorite band!


    You thought, "Have I finally found my people?"

    Your enthusiasm faded a little when you had to sit through the terrible openers...

    ...but you were too busy trying not to stand out to pay much attention.


    God, everyone looked SO COOL. You prayed you didn't seem like a poseur.

    The band you went to see was amazing! People got really into it. Or at least, they tried.


    No one really knew what they were doing, dancing-wise.

    The lead guitarist broke like two strings right away, which didn't matter at all to anyone.


    Least of all him. Everyone was having too much fun to notice.


    You held your own in the middle of the fray...

    ...until some dude built like a fire hydrant came hurtling your way and you flattened yourself against a wall in terror.

    That was a close call, so you dipped to check out the merch. You bought a shirt AND a sticker.


    You knew you were going to look so rad at school on Monday.

    You even exchanged AIM names with the cutie working the table! Theirs was "desolateXcatastrophe113"...DREAMY.

    Finally, you and your friend piled back into your mom's car and cranked up the radio, buzzing with adrenaline.

    You never knew a night could be that fun before.

    And that shirt's still your favorite.