Guy Fieri’s Favorite Band Is Named Sophistafunk

Surprisingly, there IS a band he prefers over Smashmouth. This is that band.

1. Meet Sophistafunk.

According to the Village Voice, they’re Guy Fieri’s favorite band:

“Fieri was driving down the highway, listening to…Sophistafunk, a trio from Syracuse that plays a blend of classic funk and hip-hop. One of the band’s songs is about sending someone off into the afterlife on a dragonfly. Coincidentally, Dragonfly was the nickname Fieri had for his sister, who’d recently passed away from cancer. It was an emotional moment.”

Apparently, he called the lead singer immediately and invited the group to play his birthday party.

3. Do you think they played this jam called “Lyrical Guide?”

4. Or perhaps they unleashed this sophista-funky little number called “Gimme Some Space.”

Sophistafunk 4 lyfe. h/t Village Voice.

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