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    Going On Tour: Expectations Versus Reality

    Sure, it's fun...except when you have to carry your own equipment.

    EXPECTATION: Tour is a 24/7 PARTYZONE.

    REALITY: You'll be doing WAY more waiting around than actual shredding.

    EXPECTATION: Fun and hijinks in the van!

    REALITY: Sleeping as much as you can before it's your turn to drive.

    EXPECTATION: You and your bandmates are going to best-friend bond.

    But also, REALITY: You get wayyyyy too close for comfort. Everything they do annoys you.

    EXPECTATION: Junk food all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!

    REALITY: Junk food ALL. THE. TIME.

    EXPECTATION: As much free alcohol as you can drink!

    REALITY: You are regularly and deathly hungover.

    EXPECTATION: Interviews that allow you to speak about your individual passion for music.

    REALITY: Getting asked the same questions all the damn time.

    EXPECTATION: Being the coolest-looking person in the room. You're in a BAND, after all!

    REALITY: Getting dressed from your own merch table because you haven't had the chance to do laundry in a month.

    EXPECTATION: You're surrounded by fans, friends, and groupies!

    REALITY: Having literally NO alone time. None.

    EXPECTATION: And speaking of're going to be swimming in them, right?


    EXPECTATION: When all is said and done, you'll have created incredible memories that will last you the rest of your life.

    REALITY: Yeah, pretty much.