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    9 Versions Of Music's Most Summery Standard

    Billie Holiday's take on "Summertime" made it a hit, but have you heard the R.E.M., Morcheeba, and Janis Joplin covers?

    1. This is "Summertime."

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    Reasons you definitely love it:

    - It was written by George Gershwin.

    - This version, the most famous one as sung by Billie Holiday, is beyond golden.

    - Have you ever made out to it?

    - It's the best season of the year personified.

    Anyway, it's a standard among musicians who want to try their vocal cords at its sweaty sultriness, and while some of their covers are whatever forever, a fair amount are phenomenal.

    2. Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald

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    Perhaps the other most famous version of "Summertime" belongs to these two, and for good reason — it's a goddamn gorgeous song, obviously.

    3. R.E.M.

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    This was released as an exclusive single for the band's fan club, but really should have made it to a proper LP. This era was also very good for them hair-wise, as you can see.

    4. Norah Jones

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    Because you know that if a jazz standard exists, this woman is going to cover it at some point or another. Doye.

    5. Sublime

    This version is updated in the band's signature faux-dub style. A warm-weather classic for stoned ninth graders everywhere.

    6. Morcheeba

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    If you're into Morcheeba's brand of sexed-up trip-hop, you'll find this cover works insanely well for those purposes.

    7. Booker T and the MGs

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    As always, let's bow to Booker T.

    8. The Doors

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    These guys often riffed on the classic in their live shows, usually performing a short version between two other songs.

    9. Janis Joplin

    Janis's cover is as scratchy and soulful as you might expect. She and this song are a perfect fit for one another.