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    9 Amazing Infographics For Guitar Freaks

    From beginners to seasoned pros, there's an infographic for every guitar level of skill – including air guitar. Even if you don't play, they're still cool to look at.

    1. Let's start out with a diagram everyone can learn from.


    Definitely gonna try that behind-the-back move next time Iron Maiden comes on at the bar.

    2. Then check out the way the electric guitar has changed over time.


    You can make the image bigger and read the text here.

    3. Or win the next fight about whose guitar is better with your best shredder friend!


    Build your argument here.

    4. Then get the ULTIMATE RIG OF ALL RIGS.


    This chart makes it easy!

    5. Not sure where to start, pedal-wise?

    6. Get a better understanding of your guitar setup.

    Check out the full layout in detail here.

    7. And if you're specifically into Gibsons, here's what they're working with.

    8. Here's how to pick a pick.


    Figure out if you're more of a strummer or a shredder here.

    9. And if you're still not sure, this one will definitely help you figure out which plectrum is best for you.


    Enlarge here. Now you're basically the best at guitar! THANKS, INTERNET!