21 Signs You Were Definitely A Twee Tweenager

You at least briefly considered changing your name to Sarah or Calvin.

1. All of your favorite bands were called, like, The Sweetest Ache or something similarly cutesy.

2. You would have been really jealous of this outfit.

3. This was the best soundtrack for having a crush on someone.

4. And let’s face it, when did you NOT have a crush? Crushes were the whole point of life!

Indie pop is all about pining and unrequited love, as you experienced firsthand.

5. You just wanted to find someone to whom you could give all your Swedish pop mixes!

6. No picnic was complete without one of these.

7. This was a great band AND a great Belle and Sebastian song.

8. You really wanted to go to college here.

9. An older friend gave you a copy of this and it blew your mind.

10. This was your idea of a mega-hunk.

Sonic medusa, please break my heart.

11. You couldn’t leave the house without these.

Even if your vision was perfect.

12. You owned this board game.

Or at least vigorously bid on it on eBay.

13. When you DID find a significant other, you probably sang this duet with them at some point.

14. And you almost definitely met them person in a book or record store.

15. This sounded better than heaven.

16. You briefly considered changing your name to Sarah.

17. This was your favorite album, hands down.

18. You briefly considered moving to England until you realized it wasn’t 1991 anymore.

19. You had lots of shirts that looked like this.

Between the foxes, deer, bears, and owl T-shirts, your closet closely resembled a woodland forest.

20. You have this tattooed somewhere on your body.

Bonus points if you got it on your arm to match Kurt’s.

21. And finally, you knew an outfit wasn’t really an outfit without one of these.

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