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    18 Totally Endearing Moments In Jay Z's "Picasso Baby" Video

    From ginger children to Judd Apatow taking a fake phone call, Jay rapped to (and danced with!) some completely adorable folks.

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    This is the awesome new "performance art film" for Jay Z's single "Picasso Baby."

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    It was filmed at the Pace Gallery in New York City and features some very famous people from the art world, TV, movies, and more. It's 10 minutes long and really worth watching through to the end. But for posterity, here are the best parts of the performance.

    1. When Alan Cumming wasn't exactly sure what to do with his face.

    2. When Taraji P. Henson kicked her heels up.

    3. When Marilyn Minter enthusiastically appeared to play a fake piano.

    4. When Jay and Taraji made a very sunglasses'd Jim Jarmusch smirk.

    5. When Jay gave this girl the best dinner party story of her life with a single kiss.

    6. When Jay and Marina Abramović got up close and personal and you could just feel it.

    7. When Judd Apatow put Jay on hold and paid for it dearly.

    8. When Jay was gently sonned by Ouattara Watts.

    9. When Taraji got the vapors.

    10. When Jemima Kirke held Jay like she'd never let him go.

    11. When these boys got into the swing of things.

    12. When Kiah Victoria got a standing ovation.

    13. When it was time for everybody to get in together.

    14. When Jay and Rashid Johnson had their own private hoedown.

    15. When Rosie Perez was the hottest chick in the game, as usual.

    16. When Jay and Storyboard P played the dance version of Simon Says.

    17. When the end was just as good as the beginning and the middle.

    18. And when Jay and Marina hugged it the fuck out when it was all over.