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16 Reasons Adele Is A Flawless Angel Walking Among Us

As if that voice wasn't enough proof.

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5. Recognize that at this rate, she's well on her way to an EGOT.

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At just 24, not only has Adele won EIGHT Grammys to date–this year, she also took home an Oscar. Can she please do a musical in the next couple years? Just picture it: ADELE ON ICE!

7. But really, Adele always knows just what you're going through.

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If you're ever a little heartbroken, put on an Adele record if you want to hear every single thing you're feeling reflected in her beautiful songs.


11. And she handles her haters with confidence and grace.

Although Adele is clearly stunningly beautiful both inside and out, some misinformed/dumb people still feel the need to criticize her appearance. When she responds, she typically does it in an insanely charming way like this.


13. And she's not afraid of showing real emotion.

Well, this is obvious if you've heard any of her songs. But she's also known to get so into her performances that she actually starts crying onstage because she's so passionate about her work. Amazing.