16 Reasons They Might Be Giants Are Secretly The Raddest Band Around

    One accordion-centric band named after a book from the 17th century has spent the past 30 years redefining cool.

    1. Meet They Might Be Giants.

    2. You might know them as the guys behind "Istanbul (Not Constantinople)."

    3. As well as the shape-centric jam "Particle Man."

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    Also a Tiny Toons staple, and the perfect combination of inspired accordion interludes and perfectly '90s-esque flat, nasal vocals.

    4. And of course you're familiar with the Malcolm in the Middle theme song, yes?


    Also known as one of the best on TV? Yeah, that was TMBG, and they won two Grammys for it.

    5. But their as-unseen-on-TV albums are where the real magic happens.

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    Like 1990's Flood, which is arguably their best record. Before you mentally exile this band because you think they're a bunch of dorks unbefitting of a total cool guy coolster like you, listen to "Birdhouse in Your Soul" and try to tell me it's not an awesome fucking song.

    6. And if you're a longtime Giants fan, you understand how important this song is.

    7. They dedicated an ENTIRE ALBUM (and DVD!) to the wonders of science.

    8. And you know you've got a ton of love for the hella catchy "Dr. Worm."

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    Added bonus: The illustrations in this video were done by Kaz, the artist behind the incredible, sleazy, long-running comic strip Underworld.

    9. They were also the pioneers of this cool concept.

    10. Anyway, if these faces aren't representative of exactly the kind of dude you wanted to bone in college, I don't understand you like I thought I did.


    12. And it's more or less impossible not to have a crush on <3 John Linnell. <3

    13. Anyway, as if they needed to be cooler, they're also best friends with Homestar Runner. So good.

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    Not only did they write the music for Strong Sad's experimental film, they also regularly collaborated with the creators of everyone's favorite animated web series throughout the 2000s. A marriage made in heaven.

    14. And they're obviously incredibly smart guys.

    15. So, naysayers, kindly excuse yourselves.

    16. Because all told, the dudes of TMBG are two brilliant, talented people who always look like they're having the best time ever.