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    16 Life Truths Only Bottle Blondes Will Understand

    If you're in a dedicated long-term relationship with purple shampoo, keep reading.

    1. The first time you took the plunge and blondenized your hair, this was your face when you looked in the mirror.

    2. You have never and will never care if it looks "unnatural."

    3. You have an entire salon's worth of products in your bathroom.

    4. Maintaining your length has become a constant source of anxiety.

    5. But you're still completely addicted to picking at your split ends.

    6. And your hairbrushes look like bales of hay if you don't take good care of your delicate dye job.

    7. When you bitch about the upkeep to a friend and they gently suggest that it might be easier to go back to your "real" color, you wonder if they even know you at all.

    8. For a few days every six weeks or so, this is your signature look.

    9. And this is your attitude toward the world after you finally re-up your color.

    10. When your stylist brings up the idea of potentially going lighter, you're all ears.

    11. And when they warn that the dye might hurt your scalp a little, you're like, "GOOD. CAN'T WAIT."

    12. You have at least four red lipsticks in your purse at all times.

    13. And there's nothing so gorgeous as light hair with dark eyebrows.

    14. So take pride in all of your hair's artificially flaxen glory!

    15. And try not to think about how much money you spend on your head per month alone...

    16. Because you know it's a little ridiculous, but more than worth it in the end: Blondes really do have more fun.