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    16 Cool Ideas For Homemade Mix CD Artwork

    Mixes are easily the best gifts of all time, but even if yours SOUNDS perfect, here are some awesome ways to make it look perfect, too.

    The most important aspect of mix CDs is the music, of course. But I still get a little sad when I see this:

    In this day and age, mix CDs are meant to be special! Sentimental! Forever-style keepsakes! So why not present them in artistic and aesthetically-pleasing ways that represent that? Here are some cool updates on jewel cases, liner notes, and Sharpie art that better reflect just how awesome homemade CDs are. Get ready, because your friends (and crushes) are about to be sooooo impressed.


    1. Create a keepsake case out of felt.

    2. Make this easy paper sleeve out of inexpensive parcel paper.

    3. Or use card stock.

    4. Make this rad packaging out of a paper bag.

    5. If you don't want to do a ton of work, there are printable cases online.


    6. Make a collage, then accent it with paint.

    7. Add order to a wild-looking pattern.

    8. Use multiple mediums!

    9. Paint it with watercolor.

    10. Get a label maker involved.

    11. Sponge paint it!

    12. And you don't even have to craft to make it look great.


    13. Copy one of these simple Sharpie designs.

    14. Or replicate your giftee's favorite painting in marker.

    15. Why not just fill the whole space with little doodles?

    16. Or, conversely, use negative space.

    All told, I think that just as long as you put in more effort than this, you'll be pretty much fine.