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15 Reminders That Bruce Springsteen Is A Stone Cold Fox

I mean, have you seen his butt in a pair of jeans?

1. Oh, hello there.

2. Are you ready to experience all of this magic?

3. Well, brace yourself (Bruce yourself?), because the Boss is almost too sexy to handle.

4. See, he's the right kind of daredevil.

5. And he LOVES his fans.

6. He gives every performance his all.

7. And just look at how seductive he is while reading in bed!

8. His smile is pretty much everything.

9. The man can work the hell out of a white t-shirt.

10. And Bruce's butt in a pair of jeans is nothing short of a holy miracle.

11. He's a pro at giving the look.

12. Especially while being a PATRIOT.

13. There's really just no arguing with Bruce's perfection, so don't even try.

14. Because the truth of the matter is really just this.

15. And the Boss himself is distinctly aware of this fact, too. As he well should be.