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    15 Infographics That Will Make You A Great Dancer

    Let these simple diagrams show you how to bust a move like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, or, uh, Elaine Benes.

    1. The Gangnam Style

    2. The Time Warp

    3. The Napoleon Dynamite

    4. Various 1950s Radness

    5. The "Single Ladies"

    6. The Rhumba

    7. The "Thriller"

    8. The Macarena

    9. The Thom Yorke

    10. The Tango

    11. Dancehall Made E-Z

    12. Breakdance Classics

    13. The Soulja Boy "Crank That"

    14. The Elaine Benes

    15. The Box Step

    So simple! Take this advice and pretty soon you'll be all up in the club like: