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    14 Reasons You Should Definitely Wear More Hats

    Hats aren't just for bad hair days (although they are excellent for those). Nothing elevates an outfit quite like the right hat.

    Okay, so you're one of those people who thinks, "Nooooo, I can't pull off hats, they don't look good on me." I FEEL YOU, GIRL. But you're wrong.


    Wearing hats with everything all the time is always a good idea!

    1. And more updated beanie styles are surprisingly feminine-looking with long hair...


    Want to transform yourself into a gamine princess in one step? Here. Now go break like 12 hearts on your walk to the bus alone.

    The problem is, when you think of hats, you're picturing this...

    ...instead of something more like this.


    There are a million ways to properly pull off a hat without looking like you're playing dress-up. Let's review.

    2. A wide-brimmed straw hat looks amazing at the beach.


    Bonus: It gives you extra protection from the sun! You should probably skip the fake pearls, though — that'd be one weird tan line.

    3. And hats made with more heavyweight materials dress up ladylike looks even more.


    Admit it, if you saw this girl on the way to work, you'd be like, "I'm buying a humongous hat right this very minute, I don't care if I miss the fucking morning meeting."

    4. Basic skullies go with EVERYTHING.


    You know those cotton ones that you can buy everywhere and anywhere? Get them in a few colors and make your whole casual wardrobe so much cuter.

    5. ...but short-haired girls look especially amazing in them, too.


    I feel like these are the kinds of women that dudes write melancholy love songs about. So if you want to be a muse, just own this hat and let your hair peek all sexily out of it. Easy!

    6. Did those guys on Okcupid scare you away from fedoras? This'll help you come back around.


    They're the perfect casual warm-weather accessory. I promise you won't look like a Redditor if you pair one with a simple t-shirt and shorts.

    7. They also look lovely with outerwear.


    Oh, didn't realize you moonlit as a hot sleuth on a TV detective show. Cool.

    8. On days when your hair is doing something unforgivable, tuck it into a turban.


    Instantly go from looking like a mess to like a girl with amazing personal style that other people want to copy.

    9. And they're not just for covering up bedhead!


    Check out Solange's perfection. How could you not want this flawlessness on your own head? TURBANS 4 LIFE.

    10. Want to be the coolest girl in any room? Wear a snapback.


    These pair particularly awesomely with superfeminine make up. Also, on days where you're keeping your outfit way low-key, a snapback will help you look like that laziness was totally intentional.

    11. Berets aren't as cheesy as you think.


    Okay, personal anecdote time: Over the winter, I met a bunch of friends at a bar. One of them brought a girl I didn't know, who was wearing a beret like this, and she looked so beyond stunning and put-together in it that everyone else talked about it when she went to the bathroom. Wear this hat and you'll be that girl.

    12. Make a statement at formal events with a pillbox hat, especially a veiled one.


    Even the extremely hat-phobic have to admit that a pillbox worn with an evening dress is pretty dazzling, style-wise. You can't wear this kind of hat and not be the embodiment of a "dame."

    13. And if you're going for full-on glamour, cloches are crucial.


    These look gorgeous with extremely simple, elegant dresses and coats.

    14. Also? It's just clear that hats are the best and you should definitely be wearing them.