13 Undeniable Reasons Why Morrissey Is The Sexiest Man Alive

    He laughs. He licks! HE TAKES OFF HIS SHIRT. Who needs Ryan Gosling in a world where Morrissey exists?

    1. First, just look at these majestic eyebrows.

    2. And have you SEEN him without a shirt on? LORD HAVE MERCY.

    3. He looks like an angel when he laughs.

    4. And sometimes he gets all sassy, which is particularly heart-melting.

    5. He's always all, "Oh, *THIS* perfect hair? Don't even worry about it."

    6. He's even cuter than his best friends, AKA the entire animal kingdom.

    7. He looks hotter in glasses than anybody else in the history of existence.

    8. Observe with cartoon heart eyes as he treasures literature like the total foxy genius that he is.


    10. And appreciates the splendor of horticulture (especially while DANCIN').

    11. Look at how gorgeous he is while enjoying the great outdoors!

    12. Morrissey tongue = borderline NSFW.

    13. And he's the only person who could ever outshine David Bowie.

    Ugh, what a beautiful and perfect soul. Morrissey, what will it take for you to just...