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    13 Simple Beach Beauty Hacks

    From waterproofing your makeup to SPF for your hair, these tips will help you to be the ultimate bathing beauty.

    1. Make a waterproof lip stain from Kool-Aid.

    2. But don't forget to also use SPF on your lips!

    3. Scrunch your hair with seawater.

    4. If your hair is less generous when it reacts to sea water, just tie it up in a summery scarf.

    5. Try out a waterproof makeup palette.

    6. Exfoliate with sand.

    7. Use a mist to cover your whole body with sunblock evenly .

    8. And for your face, let your sunscreen double as your foundation.

    9. Use tea to soothe a sunburn.

    10. Use lemon juice to naturally highlight your hair.

    11. Even those who aren't lightening their hair should protect it.

    12. Use a sticker to give yourself a suntan tattoo.

    13. Try a nautical manicure.