13 Simple Beach Beauty Hacks

From waterproofing your makeup to SPF for your hair, these tips will help you to be the ultimate bathing beauty.

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2. But don't forget to also use SPF on your lips!


Taking care of your skin extends to your mouth, of course. If you don't feel like staining your fingers with Kool-Aid you can even use a tinted balm, which gives you color and protection.

4. If your hair is less generous when it reacts to sea water, just tie it up in a summery scarf.


Cute, and it will protect your hair from the sun. TAKE THAT, YOU STRAIGHT-HAIRED DEMONS.

5. Try out a waterproof makeup palette.


This palette, by Tarte, was inspired by the Aqualillies synchronized swimming group. If it holds up for them, it's likely good enough for you, too. (Waterproof eyeshadow is the kind of next-level shit that keeps the people around you continually amazed by your beauty regime.)

6. Exfoliate with sand.


It's a natural way to smooth your skin. Just rub it onto your body and rinse, like you would with any other exfoliant. Sand is basically the same thing, except it's free and you can use it to make a castle afterwards too.

7. Use a mist to cover your whole body with sunblock evenly .


You know how there's always been those impossible-to-reach body parts that end up burning despite your best efforts? Not anymore. Thanks, sunscreen spray!

8. And for your face, let your sunscreen double as your foundation.


If you feel you absolutely can't forego makeup, use a sunscreen with the coverage of a foundation. But all the makeup in the world isn't worth a bad sunburn, so remember to reapply after you swim.

10. Use lemon juice to naturally highlight your hair.


Just comb it through before you head outside. But be sure to use a hair sunscreen, too — the citric acid in the juice opens your cuticles, making your hair more susceptible to sun damage. But on the bright side, you're going to smell SO GOOD.

11. Even those who aren't lightening their hair should protect it.


God, we put our hair through enough as it is, you know? The last thing it needs is sun damage. Always use a hair sunscreen to keep your beachy tresses that much healthier.

12. Use a sticker to give yourself a suntan tattoo.


Don't want to commit to the real deal? Tanning is a great way to get an ill-advised (but regret-free!) temporary tattoo. Ideas: "Slayer," "TAMMY FAYE 4 LIFE," "Daddy$ Money"...why, the possibilites are endless.

13. Try a nautical manicure.


You can always just painting skip the anchor if you feel like it's just too much effort. (No judgement here). Instead, just alternate red and blue stripes on nails painted white for the same sea-faring effect.