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13 Reasons Shakira Should Be President Of The World

She's incredibly hardworking, generous, and intelligent. Also, she has really honest hips, which is important in a leader.

1. She understands the value of hard work.


I'm sorry, is this not the exact kind of thing you'd want your fearless leader to say during a speech? Because I'm pretty sure it is.

2. She wouldn't allow her cabinet members to coast.


Shakira wouldn't hesitate to call out any slacking taking place on her watch. That's the kind of direct call for accountability that this world needs! #thebuckstopshere

3. She knows how to incite her followers toward greatness.


The world deserves a presidentqueen who will inspire her people whenever possible. It is my firm belief that Shakira is that presidentqueen.

4. She's in top physical condition.


Because she's in such good shape, we, the populace, can be confident that she'll be around to guide us forward for many more decades.

5. She dedicates herself to amazing philanthropic work.


She's a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and has publicly supported or represented at least 10 different charity groups, most of which directly service international children in need. Pretty sure this more than proves she could totally run the planet.

6. She even runs her own charity, Pies Descalzos, which provides education for kids in need.

Founded by Shakira in 1997, the organization provides 4,000 Colombian children each year with access to meals, education, and psychological support. Can you say ANGEL?

7. She's given advice to the White House about how to best address child poverty.


Really, the facts are clear: She's an altruistic genius, and her dedication to global issues is admirable as hell.

8. There's a whole song about the honesty of just ONE of her body parts.


World citizens could feel secure in the fact that neither Shakira's hips nor any other aspect of her being would try to pull the wool over their eyes.

9. She knows how to gracefully deliver bad news.


On The Voice, she's gentle but firm when she has to break it down for contestants. Just imagine if all news were communicated this neatly. TAKE NOTES, BARACK.

10. Her taste in collaborators is excellent.


Oh my god, take a second to imagine a Shakira-Beyoncé ticket for president world queens of Earth. What a beautiful planet this would be under their unimpeachable guidance.

11. She's seriously multilingual.


Shakira speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Portuguese and conversational Italian, Catalan, and French. She also frequently makes a point to study the languages of countries she visits. Why, hello, dramatically improved international relations, I didn't see you there! Maybe it was because Shakira didn't rule Earth yet?

12. She's well aware that she's a force to be reckoned with.


Don't even try to fuck with Shakira, because it's impossible.

13. Also, you should consider the basic fact that she's perfect.