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11 Reasons Why B*Witched Was Your Favorite Band In Grade School

Come on, you totally knew every word to "C'est la Vie."

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2. You would wait for HOURS to hear "Jesse Hold On" on Radio Disney.

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There was something about those funky banjo lines that you just couldn't resist.

3. They taught you your first French phrase.

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6. "Rollercoaster" made you appreciate just how crazy and beautiful your eight-year-old life really was...

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Second grade was such a wild ride, you know? A veritable...rollercoaster, if you will.

7. ...while "I Shall Be There" brought you to new understandings of its emotional complexities.

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You had never before heard anything deeper than, "In my heart I'll paint a picture, and I swear it's where I'll be." In fact, have you really since??

10. You and your friends totally memorized the dance from the "Jump Down" video.

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There was always a minor fight about who got to be the pretty lead brunette one.

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