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10 Easy Ways To Adjust Your Beauty Routine For Warm Weather

That heavy-ass foundation isn't going to cut it it in hundred degree weather. Here's how to look fresh in the heat.

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1. INSTEAD OF: Heat-styling your hair


You know humidity and sweat is going to immediately ruin all your hard work upon leaving the house. Plus, blow-drying when it's hot is like an at-home simulation of what hell must be like.

2. INSTEAD OF: Leaving your hair down at all


Yes, certain frizz-fighting products may be awesome, but some days the thought of letting your hair battle the elements is just beyond you. It's okay. This bunny gets it.

TRY THIS: A pretty braid that won't weigh you down.


You can experiment with pretty braided styles if you simply can't bear the thought of wearing it down on your sweaty neck on particularly sweaty summer days.

3. INSTEAD OF: Lipstick


Oh, cool, your $50 Guerlain lipstick just melted because your kept your purse near a sunny window. It's so much fun how everything in your bag is covered in pink wax now!

TRY THIS: Tinted moisturizer or BB cream


In the heat, you want makeup that blends into your skin instead of sitting heavily on top of it. Also, you can get one with tons of SPF and have it double as your sunscreen!

TRY THIS: A face that's fresh to death.


Take a cue from this model's gorgeous, pared-down makeup at Tracy Reese's Spring 2012 show. All you need is a little cheek tint, a subtle lip, and mascara to duplicate it at home.

TRY THIS: Picnic-inspired manicures!


As if it needed to be any harder to not chew on your nails, now they look like adorable little strawberries. This nail art is a blessing and a curse.

7. INSTEAD OF: Perfume with musky or woody notes


You smelled like an earthy forest all winter, but that's a bit much for spring and summer. Get out of the woods and into the garden!

TRY THIS: A floral scent


It's time to swap heavier fragrances for floral- or citrus-based ones! That way, you can smell as summery as you feel, even if you happen to be a cartoon skunk.

8. INSTEAD OF: Complicated smoky eyes


While these look great in colder months, they're more prone to smudging in the summer unless you use a really good primer. Even then, it seems like a lot of effort when you could use that time to read a book in the park.

9. INSTEAD OF: Powder blush and bronzer


How are you going to layer a fake tan/flush onto your face when the sun is shining? All you need to do is walk outdoors to get these colors naturally.

TRY THIS: Cheek stain


If your skin tone isn't one that tans easily, swipe on a liquid- or gel-based stain instead. That way, the color blends into your skin instead of looking like it was painted on.

TRY THIS: Waterproof color liner


Rim your whole eye with a bright pencil liner for a colorful and seasonal update on your go-to eye makeup. Choose a waterproof formulation and it'll last as long as you like.

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