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Top 15 Best Scenes Of The First Star Wars The Last Jedi Teaser

During Star Wars Celebration 2017, in Orlando, Florida, President of Lucasfilm Kathleen Kennedy and The Last Jedi Director Rian Johnson unveiled the first teaser to the next coming movie in the Star Wars lineup. Hosted by Josh Gad, recently know for playing LeFou in the new retelling of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, this Celebration panel revealed many secrets of Star Wars The Last Jedi. Actors Mark Hamill (Luke), Daisy Ridley (Rey), and John Boyega (Finn) all joined Kennedy, Johnson, and Gad at the panel, telling us several little things of the new film. Hamill was very modest and maybe felt that he couldn't say much about his role so Kennedy kindly interrupted him while he spoke, saying that Luke's role was very pivotal. Ridley stated basically that sometimes people, like your ideals, aren't always what you them to be. (She was referring to meeting Luke for the first time.) Boyega put our minds at ease as he assured that Finn was still alive from his last confrontation with Adam Driver's character Kylo Ren. In addition a new Star Wars character was presented to us. Actress Kelly Marie Tran was at the panel as well. Her new character's name is Rose, who will make her first appearance in The Last Jedi. The trailer was shown and now the Internet has gone berserk, analyzing scene after scene. Join me on this crazy ride as we go over the Top 15 scenes, in order of presentation, of the new teaser.

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15. Catch Your Breath

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The trailer opens up with what we think is outer space but soon we rocks and then, bang, Rey throws her hand on the floor gasping. This scene is very similar to the first one for the original Star Wars The Force Awakens teaser. For that one we saw Finn breathing heavy after his crash on the planet Jakku. Get ready Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron), I bet you're next for Star Wars Episode 9! Some think that Rey is catching her breath after being choked by Luke in this scene but isn't that a little too extreme? I would argue that this scene is part of a force vision or Rey's jedi training that she's probably going to go through.

14. Hello Ahch-To


Next is a look and overview of the island (Skellig Michael) on the new known planet Luke was found on in the last scene of The Force Awakens, which we now know to be named Ahch-To. Gazuntite! Anyway, during this scene we hear Luke for the first time since Return of the Jedi, uttering the words, "Breathe . . . Just breathe." Again, many suspect these words might be spoken and involved in a force vision or Rey's jedi training.

13. Aquaman Or Superman?


If you don't know, that top question is a reference to the first Justice League trailer and another scene in the Man of Steel film. In that Justice League trailer Aquaman stands near a huge splash of water, which resembles the first scene of the gif above, and the other scene of Rey making the pebbles float reminds us of the first time Superman flies in Man of Steel. It's just a funny coincidence really, but these shots are still cool. Also, during these Luke says the words, "Now reach out . . .What do you see?"

12. Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi


Yes, if you have the hearing of maybe a dog, cat, or bat, you noticed that while this scene happens you can slightly hear Leia speak the famous words "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi." This scene shows the back of Leia in some Resistance control room. Leia is said to have a big role in this next film, which will be nice considering Carrie Fisher's latest passing. Of course, you can also hear Rey say that she sees light, which may be part of a force vision.

11. Seduced By The Dark Side


Here while Rey says "Darkness" you may notice Obi-Wan Kenobi talking about Vader being "seduced by the dark side," which is a reference to Vader. Though this could even be alluding to Kylo Ren and his interest in his grandfather Vader. Obviously, Kylo's mask is broken in this scene because he's had one of his baby fit again.

10. Surrounds Us


As we look upon what is maybe the inside of a large tree we notice some books, which fans are speculating may be jedi books. However, not just regular jedi books, but one of them may be the infamous "Journal of the Whills." Originally, the initial outline of A New Hope was called this. Plus, Yoda's saying his well known line here about the Force, "It surrounds us . . . Binds us."

9. The Karate Kid


If you've seen the original Karate Kid film, or even the 2010 remake that in my opinion is a little underrated, you may recognize the scene as something out of those films. Weirdly enough, there's a rumor going around that Yoda's force ghost might be on top of that statue near Rey, since the statue a bit uneven. As I roll my eyes at that possibility I will also remind you that here Luke is talking about the Force to Rey, saying "It's so much bigger." In Star Wars legends, as some hardcore fans may know, in-between the light and dark side is this little gary area. The jedi who have reached it are called "Gray Jedi." Speaking of beings who stand in-between, people who watch Disney XD's Rebels TV show know that there is a being called "The Bendu" which stands right in the same place as the original Gary Jedi, nether of light or dark side, so Lucasfilm has been alluding to the Force being bigger than we know for quite a while.

8. This Christmas


After the title card "This Christmas" we see ships shooting up some kind of red mist on a planet that is a little reminiscent of Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back. In fact, if you look closely you can see the ships going up against some new AT-AT in the distance. As for the red mist, I have no clue for the purpose of making that sprout up, other than to look cool. Maybe they need to collect the mist to power something or enough of it shot up will camouflage the Resistance, and act as fog. Oh sorry, I'll be back, I dropped my nerd glasses.

7. Finn is Stable


As I said above about Boyega mentioning Finn being back, in the Star Wars written language, "Aurebesh" to the left of the scene, fans have found the words on the maybe stasis pod to read "Stable." So, we are very certain that he is alive. Though, after his back injury from his confrontation with Kylo Ren, Finn may be wearing some robotic replacement or growth repair thing on his back when we see him out of that pod. The pod, in fact, is very reminiscent to the "Bacta tank" Luke was in on Hoth.

6. We're Under Attack!


Run BB-8 and Poe! Looks like a Resistance ship or base is under attack. From who, you ask? Well, we may be getting that answer from another scene later. Darn, I liked that black and orange X-Wing.

5. The Millennium Falcon


Looks like here the Millennium Falcon is engaging in a aircraft battle above some planet, maybe Ahch-To. Chewbecca is probably at the wheel, I'm predicting. I wonder how he's taking his old friend, Han Solo's, death from the Force Awakens. I bet it's not as well as we'd hope.

4. My Powers Have Double . . .


The Trailer makes it to look like Kylo and Rey are about to face-off here, but they're probably two different shots, judging by each character background. We can also get a look at Kylo's scar he was given by Rey in their last confrontation of The Force Awakens. Rian Johnson actually came out on Twitter, saying that Kylo's scar was moved from the middle of his face and near his nose because he thought it personally looked silly. I'm glad he was honest, and though so fan might mind his change I don't care all that much. He's the Director for Pete's Sake, plus if you want you could just make it your own "head canon" that Kylo tried to heal the scar with the Force and it backfired. Well, while you ponder that, keep in mind here that during this scene Luke is saying, "I only know one truth . . ."

3. Another Jedi Plague?


Doesn't the beginning scene of these shots look like part of part of Rey's Force vision she had in The Force Awakens when she touch Luke's old lightsader? I'd bet money on it if I were you. That fire in the distance looks like maybe a jedi temple; Is it "the first" jedi temple that Han said Luke may have been looking for? Did Luke train his own jedi there? Did Kylo, or should I say Ben Solo, turn on Luke and attack the temple with his "Knights of Ren?" Well, we may are able to decipher one thing, and that's that the second shot of Captain Phasma marching with others may be NOT taking place at the temple, but at the Resistance base mention above. Take a good look at the ground and try to tell me different.

2. The Final Frontier


Almost at the end! Looks like we'll be getting into another space battle like we did in last year Star Wars solo entrie Rogue One. In addition, can you spot the A-Wing flying in the battle? Looks like they're back!

1. The End Of The Jedi?


Well, I guess Luke is now against Yoda's plea in Return of the Jedi to "Pass on what you have learned." WHAT? WHY? Does he know about the jedi plague of Revenge of the Sith that Anakin helped cause? If he does, he might see a trend between that and what Kylo perhaps did to his old jedi temple above. It must be in their blood, no, I'm not talking about "Midi-chlorian" you Prequels haters! Wait, is Luke a Prequel and jedi hater now because of their teaching and this plague coincidence? Could a new, one more Gray, teaching be on the horizon? Wow, I never expected this from you Luke.

Looks like it's time for this listicle! See what I did there? Oh well, see you in the crowd when Star Wars The Last Jedi hit theaters on December 15, 2017. (US)

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