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    Binish Qureshi’s Top 5 High-End Resorts To Consider For Your Next Vacation

    As a successful entrepreneur and investor, Binish Qureshi has had the opportunity to travel the world. However, while you could throw a dart at a map and probably find a place to vacation, there are some destinations that are likely to stay in your memory longer – for all the right reasons. The measure of an all-inclusive resort is not only in the value it offers but also in its location. If you want a unique experience, you have to consider other factors other than cost – and those include the luxuries you likely don't get at home, for example a personal food service or on-site spa treatments. Here are five resorts from around the world that are getting attention from vacationers looking for an exclusive getaway.

    1. Thailand: Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle

    Your typical resort property gives you a pleasant bedroom to sleep in when you're not hanging out poolside. But this unique Four Seasons property is different – first of all, you have to get to it by a private boat. Once you get there, you won't be in a traditional hotel room – there are luxury tents set up for each party.

    Located in northern Thailand near the borders of Laos and Myanmar, these elevated tents are outfitted with features such as huge bathtubs and free champagne, and offer a generous view of the surrounding jungle. Binish Qureshi explains that you can also opt for wildlife excursions or hop on a shuttle around the area to discover the local sights.

    2. St. Lucia: Jade Mountain Resort

    This destination takes advantage of a high vantage point to allow guests a clear view of the stunning surroundings. It has been called one of the most romantic spots to vacation, making it ideal for a honeymoon or to celebrate a milestone anniversary.

    But there's more to this resort than just breathtaking views (you can view scenery from the open fourth walls in the enormous suites, while still maintaining all your privacy). Also featured are canopied beds, a hot tub, and a private infinity pool. The Saint Lucia beaches are also nearby for a romantic walk, which can be accessed by shuttle or by foot.

    3. Maldives: Constance Moofushi

    As if being in the Maldives isn't good enough with its beautiful lagoons and coral reefs, making it ideal for diving and snorkeling enthusiasts, this resort promises to take it to the next level.

    You'll start in a private airport lounge before embarking by seaplane to the small resort island. There you can explore the property or hang out in one of the stylish rooms which offer a peek at the beautiful views outside, while also being stocked with minibars and an entertainment system. Binish Qureshi notes that one of the unique features of the resort is that many of the rooms are actually overhanging the water, making for a remarkably intimate experience with the ocean.

    4. Maui: Travaasa Hana

    This resort in the United States has inclusive and non-inclusive options, but either way, it's considered one of the most prestigious spots in the world. Overlooking the beautiful Hana Bay, Travaasa is on a quiet and secluded coast – you actually have to take a drive or a short flight from the main airport to reach it.

    The resort itself boasts stand-alone bungalows from which you can sit and watch the ocean or take a dip in one of the outdoor pools or hot tubs. There's even a "wellness pavilion" where guests can brush up on Yoga and meditation.

    5. South Africa: Royal Malewane

    If views of exotic wildlife such as lions and elephants are your idea of a great vacation, this resort fulfills that and more. Considered a safari lodge (it borders Kruger National Park), guests can still enjoy all of the luxuries that one would expect from a high-end resort while also having the ability to enjoy an African Safari.

    The climate-controlled luxury suites are adorned with Oriental rugs, thatched roofs, and four-post beds. The outdoor pools blend in with the wilderness where you can observe many forms of nature, while you can also opt to get closer to the wildlife with a guide during daily game drives. This family-friendly resort also allows you to book an entire villa with a private chef.

    These are just five examples – courtesy of Binish Qureshi – of amazing resorts around the world. Regardless of your tastes and lifestyle, there's the ideal luxury vacation waiting for you.