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Chinese New Year Pot Stickers

The Chinese New Year is on Monday January 26th and while I am not Chinese, I have been up to SF the last few years to celebrate, and it just goes crazy over there!! The celebration just never stops, way bigger than NYE. Anyways, I usually attend a friends families party or somebody hosts their own and, the dish I always look forward to is some sort of dumpling or pot sticker. Last year, there were none, my buddy decided to go all traditional, I was bummed. So this year, I am making my own pot stickers and last night I had a test run. I was intimated at first, because I always thought that making pot stickers would be this daunting task and that the majority of the filling would spill out due do my inexperience. However, they not only were really easy to make, I had my tummy craving more!

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