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i wont lie. i have now done it all. and unless i met hanson, i can die happily.
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  • 2012 Victoria’s Fashion Show Makeup How To

    Last night was the 2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and this morning beauty and makeup blogs are all abuzz with how to recreate the looks. This year focused much less on shimmer and glitter and relied a lot on the models natural beauty, opting for a natural sun-kissed look with a delicate cat eye and lightly done lips. Read below to find out how you can create the sexy and very easily duplicated natural makeup look that was seen on the 2012 Victoria Secret Fashion Show runway last night.

  • G-Spot FOUND!

    After what really seems like hundreds of years of debating and searching, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski say he has photographic proof that the G-spot does indeed exist! Dr. Ostrzenski’s finding are based on a dissection of a recently deceased 83-year-old woman.

  • Taylor Swift’s Breast Implants!

    Who doesn’t love country singer Taylor Swift?! She is talented and not to mention the girl next door type of gorgeous! But, is this laid back country singer trading in her innocent country lifestyle for a wild Hollywood one?

  • Valentines Day: Romantic Gifts for Her and Him

    Valentine’s Day is coming up quickly, but don’t sweat! We’ve got everything you need to not only make it through the day, but to make it unforgettable. Here are some gift ideas for that special person in your life. We encourage you to personalize them anyway you can for an added touch.

  • Essentials for a Romantic Bedroom

    Whether you’re planning a Valentine’s Day she’ll never forget or a steamy night he’ll always remember, stock up on these few bedroom essentials to create the perfect air of romance and seduction.

  • Valentine’s Day: Romantic Weekend Getaway Must Haves

    Romantic weekend getaways are perfect to relight the flame in a relationship or just crank up the heat. It’s also a perfect substitute for a gift exchange. Instead of exchanging birthday or Valentine’s Day gifts, invest equally in a trip you’d both been wanting to take. You’ll both have a good time and make memories as well. You’ll want to make those memories flawless with these few travel essentials.

  • Perfect Date Night Outfit for Women and Men

    The perfect outfit for your date night will depend on for what kind of date you’re planning. Is this a first date with that girl you finally had the nerve to ask out or are you taking your wife out for your seventh anniversary? Are you going hiking or cooking dinner or going out dancing? While you’ll have to answer these questions on your own, we can offer some advice on classic outfits that you should have stocked away for the right occasion.

  • 2011 Super Bowl XLV: Get Ready Pittsburgh Steelers Fans!

    This is our time. The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the Super Bowl for the eighth time against the Green Bay Packers. Having won six out of its seven games at the Super Bowl, Steelers fans have a right to be excited. Heck, the country expects it from you. So gear up and let your Pittsburgh pride show.

  • Super Bowl XLV: Get Ready Green Bay Packers Fans!

    Green Bay Packers Fans, you’ve got plenty of reason to flaunt your city and team pride these next few weeks. Your team boasts a phenomenal 12- count ‘em TWELVE- NFL Championships. That’s more than any other team by a long shot. One more win this year won’t hurt either!

  • How To Get Yourself Ready For The 2011 Super Bowl

    You don’t need to be a religious football fan to gear up for the Super Bowl properly, and we’re here to help! Whether you’re a devoted football follower or a Super Bowl newbie, you can stock up on some fun gadgets and accessories to show your newfound or steadfast team spirit.

  • How to Have a Great Super Bowl XLV Party

    You don’t need to know much about football to throw a great Super Bowl party. Then again, it never hurts either! This year, with our help, throw the party all your friends will be talking about at next year’s Super Bowl. You need a few essentials but you can be as competitive as you want.

  • Keep Your Computer Space Organized

    I, for one, spend a lot of time at my computer desk.During the more hectic work weeks, the clutter builds and builds and I can’t even see the surface of my desk anymore. Because of this reason, I began looking into space organizers for my desk to help keep my clutter in check. After all, an organized workspace promotes efficiency and concentration – a much better option than watching your dangerous pile of papers teeter back and forth, only to be knocked over when you’re reaching for your coffee mug.

  • How to Stick to Your Diet This Year

    I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a dieter. I’m not a big health nut and I don’t count my calories – and it shows on my waistline. But like many Americans this year, I’ve made the yearly resolution to lose weight, either by going on a diet, exercising more or other weight loss options.

  • Easy Ways to Decorate Your Room

    I don’t know about you, but my room is an oasis, an escape from work, school and everything else I have to deal with on a regular basis. Thus it’s very important for my room to be more than four white walls. It needs to reflect who I am and also help me feel like I’m at home. Yes, sometimes I think I should rip my boy band posters from the 90s off the wall, but it’s just one of the many things that make my room unique.

  • How to Keep Your Pool Clean During the Winter

    Swimming pools may be great relief in the hot summer months but as winter creeps along, pool owners in colder climates need to take proper precautions to prevent any damage to their swimming pool from the winter elements. Let us help with these straightforward steps to take to close your pool for the winter.

  • How to Organize a Small Space

    The amount of knick knacks I have increases exponentially each year. They number might be small, but when I try to display them all in my small space, I can’t help but feel cramped. Whether it’s your office, your bathroom, your kitchen or your room, feeling crowded anywhere is never a good thing.

  • Best Tech Workout Accessories

    Whether you’re an exercise enthusiast or aerobic newcomer, there are certain tech accessories that will make your workout all that more convenient and fun. Skip the burdensome gadgets and fancy equipment in favor for a few basic essentials.

  • Keep Warm in Your Home This Winter

    If your home is anything like mine, it has terrible drafts and doesn’t heat up very well. There are many simple and inexpensive products that can help keep you and your family warm in your home during these chilly winter months.

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