27 Times Jared From "Silicon Valley" Was The Funniest Person Ever

    “I simply imagine that my skeleton is me and my body is my house. That way I’m always home.”

    1. When he suddenly became a badass:

    2. When he revealed his real name is *not* Jared:

    3. When he got trapped inside Mr. Car, inside a shipping container...

    4. ...and when he was triggered by it three years later:

    5. When he traded his pants for Richard’s:

    6. When he understood the true meaning of that old saying:

    7. When he was busy pivoting:

    8. When he professed his love for Richard:

    9. When he thought his nicknames were delivered with love:

    10. When he talked in his sleep... in German:

    11. When he delivered the most perfect Ocean's Eleven synopsis:

    12. And then when he related to Julia Roberts on another level:

    13. When he wore an awful sweater to ease giving bad news to Richard:

    14. When he revealed his "trick:"

    15. When he quoted someone famous:

    16. When he wanted to direct the attention away from his nose:

    17. When he got the smoke out of the bong:

    18. When he made fun of Dinesh’s gold chain:

    19. When he created his alter ego, Ed Chambers:

    20. And he had to let him go for making inconvenient comments:

    21. When he synchronized with someone else:

    22. When Richard wished him good night:

    23. When he gave this interview:

    24. When he bonded with an A.I. ...

    25. ...and then this happened:

    26. When he gave this useful piece of advice:

    27. And finally, when he asked Dinesh this perfectly normal question:

    We love you, Jared!

    Season 6 of Silicon Valley premieres on October 27.