26 "Six Feet Under" Moments That Got Very Real, Very Fast

    "Life is wasted on the living."

    1. This deep thought:

    2. This one we can all relate to:

    3. This quote that'll make you stop and think hard about your relationships:

    4. This hard truth:

    5. This one, that'll give you little chills:

    6. This moment that is painfully true:

    7. This quote that stands up today:

    8. This vending machine metaphor that is surprisingly meaningful:

    9. This obvious-yet-true statement:

    10. This quote that challenges norms:

    11. This sad reality:

    12. This harsh reality:

    13. This advice we could all use:

    14. This quote that'll make you question everyone:

    15. This simple-yet-true quote:

    16. This surprisingly upbeat moment:

    17. This extremely true quote:

    18. This moment that is freaky, yet not wrong:

    19. This interesting perspective:

    20. This quote that I'm totally going to use if I ever need to:

    21. And this one:

    22. This relatable moment:

    23. This quote that is sad, both in and out of context:

    24. This relatable quote for anyone who is consistently on a literal and figurative budget:

    25. This quote that follows a common theme on the show:

    26. And this emotional truth: