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    20 Times Amy Adams Should’ve Received All The Awards For Her Acting

    She should have 20 by now!

    20. When she performed Shakespeare in bed in Vice:

    Annapurna Pictures

    I could easily listen to her speak Early Modern English all the time.

    19. When she tried to avoid the fight of Batman v Superman:

    Warner Bros.

    The Lois Lane we truly did not deserve!

    18. When she appeared on The Office:


    This saleswoman should've 100% won a Dundie Award.

    17. When she shined for the first time in Drop Dead Gorgeous:

    New Line Cinema

    She was a very funny cheerleader.

    16. When her performance in The Master was amazingly subtle:

    The Weinstein Company

    Rumor has it the movie got named after her.

    15. When she had a "Me Party" in The Muppets:

    Walt Disney Pictures

    "Mahna mahna!"

    14. When she wore this beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress at the 85th Academy Awards and stole everyone's breath away:

    Michael Buckner / Getty Images

    She looked like a princess.

    13. When she played Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum:

    20th Century Fox

    She deserves every cupid's serenade.

    12. When she casually stretched during her Vogue "73 Questions" interview:

    Vogue / YouTube

    We love a queen who can do the splits!

    11. When she was terrific in Her:

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    Her character just felt so real — no one else could have given such an emotional performance.

    10. When she played a sensitive nurse in Catch Me If You Can:

    DreamWorks Pictures

    We are sorry that she didn't get the happy ending she deserved.

    9. When she played a young nun in Doubt:

    Miramax Films

    Not just anyone can rock that outfit!

    8. I mean, her ENTIRE performance in American Hustle speaks for itself:

    Columbia Pictures

    Especially *that* club scene!

    7. When we didn't know whether to root for her in Nocturnal Animals:

    Focus Features

    Amy reading a book? Yes, please.

    6. When she managed to play a naive character in Enchanted without making Giselle totally unbearable:


    Did someone say range? Amy Adams checked off that box.

    5. Speaking of Enchanted, when she sang “Happy Working Song” alone at the Oscars:

    View this video on YouTube


    Standing by yourself in front of the Academy with no backup dancers hitting every note right? That takes true courage and the sign of a true star.

    4. When she received her first Academy nomination for Junebug:

    Sony Pictures Classics

    She's so charming.

    3. When she threw a few punches in The Fighter:

    Paramount Pictures

    We love our Sassy Adams.

    2. When she didn't get a nomination for Arrival even though she was outstanding in it:

    Paramount Pictures

    She actually got nominated on the Academy's website, for like 10 minutes. TBH, we're still really mad about it.

    1. And finally, when she genuinely invented acting with her portrayal of Camille in Sharp Objects:


    At this point, she showed us that she can practically play anything. Truly an acting queen who we have no choice but to stan!