20 Times Amy Adams Should’ve Received All The Awards For Her Acting

    She should have 20 by now!

    20. When she performed Shakespeare in bed in Vice:

    19. When she tried to avoid the fight of Batman v Superman:

    18. When she appeared on The Office:

    17. When she shined for the first time in Drop Dead Gorgeous:

    16. When her performance in The Master was amazingly subtle:

    15. When she had a "Me Party" in The Muppets:

    14. When she wore this beautiful Oscar de la Renta dress at the 85th Academy Awards and stole everyone's breath away:

    13. When she played Amelia Earhart in Night at the Museum:

    12. When she casually stretched during her Vogue "73 Questions" interview:

    11. When she was terrific in Her:

    10. When she played a sensitive nurse in Catch Me If You Can:

    9. When she played a young nun in Doubt:

    8. I mean, her ENTIRE performance in American Hustle speaks for itself:

    7. When we didn't know whether to root for her in Nocturnal Animals:

    6. When she managed to play a naive character in Enchanted without making Giselle totally unbearable:

    5. Speaking of Enchanted, when she sang “Happy Working Song” alone at the Oscars:

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    Standing by yourself in front of the Academy with no backup dancers hitting every note right? That takes true courage and the sign of a true star.

    4. When she received her first Academy nomination for Junebug:

    3. When she threw a few punches in The Fighter:

    2. When she didn't get a nomination for Arrival even though she was outstanding in it:

    1. And finally, when she genuinely invented acting with her portrayal of Camille in Sharp Objects: