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The Crying Competition

Four men compete to see who can be the first to shed tears. The running commentary from the competitors is pure gold.

The New York Times Makes The Nerdiest Correction Ever

THANK GOD. Don't mess with Tolkien fans.

Dave Stopera 8 years ago

How Watson Could Have Been Defeated On Jeopardy

Via extreme nerdery, apparently. It terrifies me that the only thing standing between us and a robot apocalypse is geeky Linux jokes. (Borepatch, via Neatorama.)

Jack Shepherd 8 years ago

Flying Myths and Facts From Pilots

Things you may (or may not) want to know about your pilots.

The 13 Most Sexually Aggressive Cartoon Characters Ever

At least Zapp Brannigan is kind of self-aware.

Red Shirt Guy Asks The Nerdiest Question Ever

You nerds probably all know the answer to this question. Like, you probably have been wondering the same thing yourself, but you were too afraid to ask a panel of World of Warcraft game designers. Red Shirt Guy just showed you all up.

Jack Shepherd 9 years ago


In case you were wondering where we were. Via.

Dallas News Station Pokes Fun At Social Media Sites

"Fox 4's Matt Grubbs is on the scene, tweeting details to his 87 followers. Matt?"

Ira Glass Sings Elliott Smith

"This American Life" host Ira Glass has lent his unique vocal talents to a cover of the late Elliott Smith’s “Say Yes.”

The Statue of Liberty Being Hit By Lightning

It took 40 years for the photographer Jay Fine to get this shot!

Maru In A Raincoat

How stylish!

Rebecca E. 9 years ago

Deep Fried Beer to Be Unveiled in Texas

A Texas man has found a way to combine grease and beer by creating deep-fried beer. My emotions about this story are very conflicted!

The Top-10 Closeted Conservatives of All Time

SF Weekly rounds up the top ten closet cases!

What StarCraft 2 is Really Like

I only need five cans of vespene gas to finish building my starport! (Via @gsqrd)

Kids in the Hall: Where Are They Now?

Your other favorite sketch comedy troupe from the 90's (after The State, of course) is still going strong after all these years. Link via Sarah Kuhn's Twitter.

F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury

A sexy pop music video about the science fiction author, Ray Bradbury.

Matt Stopera 9 years ago