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    14 Very Important Life Lessons We've Learned From "Schitt's Creek"

    We can learn a thing or two from the Rose family.

    1. Stop worrying so much about what people think of you.

    2. The most authentic relationships are born from acceptance and a willingness to meet new people.

    3. Acts of kindness can be powerful, even when they're wrapped in small packages.

    4. Some friendships are best kept friendships.

    5. Speak your truth, even when you're afraid.

    6. Embrace joy because it might transform your relationships.

    7. And trust the people who love you to push you outside of your comfort zone.

    8. You can build a meaningful life for yourself, even in the unlikeliest of places.

    9. Do the thing that absolutely terrifies you.

    10. Never feel bad about eating half of a cookie cake, or any food for that matter!

    11. Even the most self-involved people are capable of evolving.

    12. We all need to be selfish for ourselves now and then.

    13. Show up for the people you love.

    14. And love and friendship aren't about status: they're about the people who stick with you when you're at your lowest.