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9 Awesome Gamification Examples In The Classroom

Is gamification just a trendy buzzword that'll die out or is it something that will truly transform the way we learn? You be the judge. Here are nine interesting examples of using games for learning.

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Class Dojo

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ClassDojo is a unique platform that uses gamification for behavior and positive reinforcement. Kids get immediate, visual confirmation of how well (or poor) they're doing. They can customize their character and points are awarded by the teacher throughout the day.

World Peace Game

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The World Peace Game gives teachers a refreshing way to make social studies make sense. A world full of problems and dilemmas that students need to understand and balance. In their words: “The World Peace Game is a hands-on political simulation that gives players the opportunity to explore the connectedness of the global community through the lens of the economic, social, and environmental crises and the imminent threat of war. “


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An easily accessible app that lets teachers create unique flash cards and share progress. BrainScape claims you double your learning speed and retain what you learn longer.


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Take quizzes to the next level with a Socrative space race. Each correct answer will speed the rocket forward more. That's not all you can do with this cloud based system that's accessible from mobile devices, though. Teachers use it for educational exercises, polls and other activities and can keep up with progress in real time.

Play Brighter

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Send students on a learning adventure with Play Brighter. Teachers can send students on missions in an easy-to-use game environment that nurtures learning.


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Zondle offers a whole slew of things that can help in the classroom. From positive behavior reinforcement, to games, to “zollars” and more. There are plenty of elements that you can weave together to create the perfect learning environment.

Class Compete

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Class Compete has an innovative gaming platform developed specifically for increasing test scores. According to them, roughly 40 percent of kids suffer from test anxiety and that's where they come in. Students at Rutger's Prepatory School in New Jersey loved it so much they told their friends to join in and 30 percent of them played (learned) in their free time at home on their own.

America's Army

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Even the U.S. Army is in on the gamification... America's Army is a video game that attracts millions of players who “train” throughout various missions. And many of them find their way to the Army's official website. A proven tool to enhance recruitment.


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Several recent stories highlight teachers using Minecraft Edu version in the classroom. Whether it's building a custom home using the resources provided, or looking for specific things in a scavenger hunt – it simply works.