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21 Of The Worst Design Fails Shared In 2014

From make-your-eyes-burn web design, to construction and building that make no freakin' sense, to signs and products that should have never been made... These fails that David Markovich and I put together will make you wonder what they were smoking when they designed them.

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Is This a Joke? / Via

I almost want to say this site is so terribly bad on purpose. Is it real? I couldn't tell ya. But either it's some ploy to get attention from buzz about how totally ugly it is or they must have had a CEO like this in the driver's seat when designing it...

Professional Nappers Only, Please! / Via

Don't get me wrong, I love to relax in a hammock on a nice afternoon... But this? I don't think so. One wrong move and you're toast. Or? Better hope no one's around that has a grudge against you...