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    20 Fun Facts About Ford Motor Company

    When it comes to the history of the automobile, the first notch in the timeline starts with Henry Ford. Since he opened the Ford Motor Company in 1902, the world has seen more makes and brands of different automobiles than one person could ever imagine. From producing vehicles for the public, to helping with military equipment, the Ford Motor Company has seen it all. While the Ford Motor Company has seen some rough times in the past, the most recent being financial problems, the company still stands as a brand that takes the leading position in the car manufacturing industry. The following is a list of interesting facts you may not know about the legendary Ford brand.

    World's Largest Family-Owned Business

    The Ford Motor Company is the world's largest family-owned business. Since Henry Ford retired from his CEO position, all CEOs after have been direct relatives.

    The Assembly Line

    The Logo

    The oval blue Ford label known today was first introduced in 1907.

    Very First Ford Car

    Capturing and Keeping Edison's Last Breath

    Ford On to Better Things

    Before making cars, Ford was the Chief Engineer of the Edison Illuminating Company. He later left after Edison encouraged him to work on his plans for a gasoline automobile.

    Ford Airplanes

    Ford Mustang Pedal-Power Cars

    After Ford released the Mustang in 1964, 94,000 toy pedal-powered Mustangs were sold to children during the following Christmas.

    $850 Car

    The first Ford automobile, the Model A, sold for $850. It had a 2-cylinder engine and reached a maximum speed of 30 mph.

    The Original "Green" Company

    Ford was the first Green company. Before 1939, Ford factories were powered by burning both human and animal manure.

    Ostrich Feather Buffering

    In the early years of manufacturing, ostrich feathers were used to buffer all the new cars before they left the factory.

    Birth of Monster Trucks

    The first Monster Truck ever, the legendary Bog Foot, used a Ford vehicle as its base.

    Peanuts Cartoon

    Le Mans Auto Race

    The Ford GT40 was the first vehicle to win the famous Le Mans auto race four years in a row.


    While Ford is an extremely popular car brand, it ranks 5th among all car manufacturers.

    An Arm and A Leg

    Henry Ford invented the catchphrase "an arm and a leg" after someone asked him why he was so carefree regarding money.

    Model T

    Better Pay

    Jim Morrison and His Ford

    The First

    Ford was the first company to manufacture and sell cars.

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