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    Oh yes, there's such a thing as a Dessert Bucket List! Now, let me qualify - none of these are healthy, but (unfortunately), just a taste will definitely make you happy.

    1. The Classic Halo Halo / Via

    The Leader of the Free World has fallen in love with this classic Filipino favorite. You will discover that the individual ingredients of the Halo Halo are desserts unto themselves

    2. Crepe Overload / Via

    Here's another take on this classic by You must credit this group of talented young foodies for coming up with their own unique twist - HALO HALO CREPE

    3. Purple Cravings


    Did you notice the lavander wonder beckoning you? Those are TARO delights or PURPLE YAMS we Filipinos fondly call UBE - used in a lot of Filipino delicacies and desserts, here are some divine examples UBE CUPCAKES & UBE PANDAN CAKE.

    4. Yam Yam Yummy! / Via

    We call this beauty UBE PANDAN CAKE

    5. That Pandan Magic / Via

    You will realize, as you go through this list, that PANDANS & COCONUTS play major roles in Filipino Desserts.

    I can't quite describe the taste of pandan leaves (from which we get the extracts), but they emit a distinct smell that's both sweet and refreshing. So much so, you can use these leaves to put a little flavor to your drinking water, include it when you cook rice and as seen here, play with it to enhance your desserts. Try this perfect combination with the BUKO PANDAN SALAD

    6. Go Loco Over Coco / Via

    Tree Of Life - The Coconut (Buko) - is one of the Philippines' major resources. I heard that coconut water is now a craze in Europe? Well hop on the bandwagon with our BUKO PIE (specially if you get to taste the Laguna originals)

    7. More Coco Loco / Via

    We also have our own version of the Macarons - presenting COCONUT MACAROONS !

    8. Yes, You Can Eat Them In Pajamas / Via

    Another fruit that we are bountiful of is the BANANA. Here's a simple yet oh so tasty rendition of the FRIED BANANAS.

    9. Banana Manna / Via

    The Filipinos - unfortunately - have a love affair with sugar (we even put sugar on our spaghetti and we have sweet banana catsup). Here's FRIED TURON WITH SWEET CARAMEL SAUCE

    10. The Sweetest Taboo / Via

    Did I make it perfectly clear that Filipino desserts are too decadent? I know the French have their own take - the Creme Brulee and ours is the extra large version LECHE FLAN again with that addicting sauce

    11. Another Filipino Classic / Via

    How can we turn TOFU into a sweet sensation - add pearls and caramel sauce for another Filipino classic THE TAHO

    12. All In ! / Via

    And we do a full circle and go back to the Halo Halo but this time it's piping hot and swimming in Coconut goodness - THE GINATAAN

    13. Frost Bite!

    Adora's Box / Via

    The whole world has a natural affinity with Ice Cream, Pinoys (monicker for Filipinos) have their QUESO rendition perfectly exemplified here

    14. Cool Concoctions / Via

    This one tells the story of how an Indian blogger fell in love with a Filipino Street Staple the ISCRAMBLE (it's like milk shake but not ... )

    15. Simply, The Champorado / Via

    Last but certainly not the least is a traditional fare that's more a snack than a dessert, except that this version of is so mmm innovative, I can not pass up the chance. I simply must include this in the Bucket List CHAMPORADO IN AMERETTO SHOTS WITH ANCHOVIES

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