Lies and Damn Lies – The Joe Wilson Saga

Aha! So we won’t be taxing the illegal immigrants if they don’t have adequate coverage. What the opponents fail to say is that Section 246 specifically says that they can’t receive any benefits, i.e. health care coverage, under the provisions of the Bill. In addition to that, throughout the Bill the phrase “except as otherwise provided” appears. This applies to this subsection too. As illegal immigrants can’t receive benefits, this subsection doesn’t apply to them. Furthermore, some argue that, if we were to tax them, we might be implicitly giving them rights similar to those of legal permanent resident aliens. In other words, the bill specifically excludes granting health insurance to illegal immigrants and there are no loopholes that allow them to obtain it. Congressman Joe “$455,796″ Wilson was wrong! We could cut him some slack and point out the fact that under the terms of a separate law, anyone who goes to an emergency room must be treated. We’ve covered the costs of that loophole in current laws elsewhere. However, this bill is not about regulating hospitals or emergency care, it’s about health care insurance. Also, as the President has pointed out, if the child of an illegal immigrant goes to an emergency room and is diagnosed with tuberculosis we have to treat them. Otherwise the child will return to school and infect others. We’re not going to give him the benefit of doubt though, as he’s openly supported Sarah Palin’s ridiculous labeling of end of life counseling as “Death Panels”. He’s also refused to back down on his claim that health care coverage will be provided, when it clearly won’t be. To put it in plain words – Congressman Joe “$455,796″ Wilson is a liar!

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