10 Instances Where We Could All Use A Little More Space

These days, we pretty much need all the space we can get. Fortunately, we can make room for all the other things in our lives with 50% off new smartphones from Verizon — America’s Largest and Most Reliable Network.

1. Trying to parallel park when there is just no way.

Yet we still try.

2. When only one elevator works in the entire building.

particlem / Via Flickr: particlem

It’s still not worth taking the stairs.

3. Public transportation of any kind.

Sometimes you wonder if there is a global deodorant shortage.

4. When your overbearing boss micromanages every little thing you do.

A reminder to fill out your expense report was exactly what you were missing.

5. When you attempt to maneuver through rush hour traffic.

Only a few more inches and I would have made it! I swear!

6. When your dad thinks he is cool and wants to hang out in public.

To be fair, having to deal with “cool” parents is a rite of passage.

7. Living in a dorm.

Karmalize / Via Flickr: agaylon

Ahh the good ol’ days. Never before has so much been squeezed into so little.

8. When your co-worker is sick but still insists on coming in.

Okkult Motion Pictures / Via okkultmotionpictures.tumblr.com

But strangely enough, insists on not covering his sneezes.

9. When it's raining out and the bus stop isn't big enough.

Chances are it’s a Monday.

10. When you are relaxing at the beach, and someone decides to sit RIGHT next to you.

KeithUSC / Via Flickr: keithusc

It’s as if they are trying to annoy you. Unbelievable.

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