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You're Wrong, Curling Is Amazing

Sticks and stones can win you gold. Curling is perhaps the world’s most talked-about sport — make sure you don’t miss a second. Brought to you by Verizon.

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That sound of a polished stone sliding across the smooth ice is oddly intoxicating.

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It's a skill sport, so anyone can work toward a medal... even you.

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But the sport requires superhuman focus and skill.

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When it works, you look like a freaking warlock.

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Rest assured, it's WAY more difficult than it appears.

Just imagine how hard it is to practice a winter sport in the summertime.

People who say it's a useless skill are wrong; it has tons of important benefits in the real world.

Curling teaches people to work together to achieve a common goal.

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It can help cultivate patience for when you play other sports.

And it's a great way for parents to teach their kids the joy of chores.

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